Monday, October 20

Bonneville Salt Flats

Today I drove out to the Bonneville Salt Flats. The area is just a few miles from Wendover in Utah. Wendover is in Nevada and Utah. There is a line painted across the main drag. All the casinos are on the Nevada side. Anyway, I drove out to Bonneville and took a few pictures. And then drove all over that area taking pictures. I drove down a couple of gravel roads and up a road called Leppy Pass. Here are the pictures. The first two are of the Bonneville Salt Flats. The third was taken on Leppy Pass Rd.

This is where they race cars and motorcycles. This is also where the Donner Party got mired in the soggy mud during the wet season. You've read what happened after that.
Just a little snowed and they are waiting for it to dry so they can race. Bonneville Lake is back?

This picture was taken only a few hundred yards from the first. You can see where people drive their cars on the salt flats. Most of it is really muddy and many people get their cars stuck in the mud...saw one stuck here just two days before. It sank into the mud up to it's under carriage.

Here's a shot I took while driving up Leppy Pass Rd. Just past the gate...cattle guard...the road turns into another gravel road. I have no idea where this goes but it did look like a fun drive. Just to the right of the mountain are more salt flats. This area is about six or seven miles north of the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Tomorrow I head back to Las Vegas. Another long drive and more pictures.


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