Wednesday, June 11

Can't sleep

After watching countless “scientific” episodes of Nat Geo…National geographic… and The history Channel…who for some reason needs to compete in this insane, bizarre what if it happens bullshit tangent…I have come to the conclusion they have left all reason and science behind. They are no better than E!...topics are different but the crap they spew, the sensationalism is the same.

What killed the dinosaurs…big comet, asteroid that left a big crater off the coast of Central America? Did it hit the earth or explode miles overhead? That seems to be the latest…not that but the ones that “hit” the earth but left no sign. Too many “scientist” that have the answers seem to conduct experiments with an expected outcome…see a problem here? We seem to have too many experts…I use this term lightly…”proving” things on Nat Geo with questionable procedures (scientific experiments?) with a predetermined outcome. They seem to know what the outcome should be and get the results to “prove “it. Big asteroid hit a glacier in North America wiped out the huge mammals but no cater…duh duh duh. There is proof…sort of until someone with a bit of credibility challenges the findings. Pseudo science is running amuck. Do these things hit us, earth, or not? Does Wright Patterson AFB house aliens and UFO’s or not? Why do we need to see this shit on Nat Geo? Pressure from E!?

Sensationalism…the next extinction…us. Codes in the Bible. Nostradamus. Give me a break. If they can predict the future then do it…not find proof after the fact…hind sight is 20/20. Do you smell BS? This is crap.

UFO’s…alien technology…we can’t come up with this stuff on our own. This is completely belittling our ability to think and do this on our own. We need to reverse engineer shit from an UFO…we’re not smart enough…imaginative enough to do it ourselves. That is bullshit. Do you really think we need help? Is Velcro alien? As Americans do you really think these new innovations and inventions are our own? We’ve done some amazing things in our short history…without alien (ET) help.

Who are these people that think without alien help we would be cavemen…no pyramids, Stonehenge, etc. Do these people think for one minute without help from above (ET) we would be relegated to animal skins and wooden spears?

Yes, I am rambling. This shit they broadcast and pass off as some sort of science is disturbing. It goes on and on. Nice pictures and narration by a voice that sounds of authority. There are experts and studies and research. All this wrapped in the name of National Geographic…The History Channel…whatever. National Geographic did mean something at one time. Now they seem to have a need to compete with other media outlets because we, us, you and me, need something more than facts…we need entertainment at the expense what really is and was. We get pseudo science. We get UFO specialists. We get Bible decoders. Do you see a problem here?

Enough…you get my point.

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