Friday, February 22

Sensoji Temple

As I said before we went into Tokyo Monday. We went to see the Asakusa Temple. It was built in 645 and is Tokyo's oldest temple. I took a few photos.

Here is the outer gate, Kaminarimon, with its giant Chochin lantern.

Once you pass the gate there is a long shopping area where you can buy souvenirs and various things.

At the end of the shopping area is a second gate a five story pagoda and the entry to the main temple.

Here's some photo's taken inside. The second is a shot of one of the paintings on the ceiling.

The next photo is of a demon guarding the temple at one of the gates. These figures have chicken wire in front of them to keep the birds out.

This next photo is of a statue on the temple grounds. I have no idea what it is...creepy!

I'll be posting again soon...till then

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