Thursday, February 28

Nagasaki Airport

After our bus ride to Nagasaki Airport we had a two and a half hour layover. I got bored and decided to start taking pictures. After looking around I found some stuff. I've seen this sort of thing just about everywhere here. Never thought about taking pictures of this but you don't see these sorts of things in US airports.

This is just a booth at the airport selling food. Nothing too special about this. Just thought I'd take a picture.

Many of the restaurants in Japan have displays showing what is available on their menus. Usually it is a window with all the food, plastic, neatly arranged on dishes. When you do order your plate will look just like the display.

There are shops that sell food ,but not necessarily to eat on the flight. Some of these shops are more like mini grocery stores. Some of the stuff they sell seems odd to me because of where they are located. Sometimes they are just selling fancy boxed cookies and sweets. These are mostly for gifts.

Then you get something a bit stranger. This is a seafood display.

Here are some close-ups of whats available.

I have no idea what these last things are...tongue of some sort? What ever they are they're expensive. The one on the right costs 12,600 Yen, about $120.

More and stranger later.

Sasebo to Yokosuka

We left Sasebo and traveled to Yokosuka on Tuesday the 26th. Of course it was a long trip. We started of that morning taking a taxi to the Sasebo bus station. Not exactly the most exciting place but I do have a picture.

The bus ride from Sasebo to Nagasaki Airport takes about one and a half hours. When we got there we had about two and a half hours before our flight (I'll be posting more about that later).

I really didn't pay too much attention to our flight details until we were about to board. Our flight number was a bit disturbing, 666, we were wondering if this might be the Boeing 767 to hell. Here's the plane...looks normal.

Fortunately all went well and we landed at Haneda with no detour to hell. By the way, here's a picture of the seating ticket that ANA gave me when I checked-in for my flight.

The next leg of our trip was a train ride to the Yokosuka-chuo train station. With a bit of luck we got the express train. After that it was a two taxi ride to the Navy Lodge here on base. One taxi to the Main Gate and a base taxi to the lodge.

After getting here and dropping our stuff in the room we did go later.

Friday, February 22


I thought I'd post a couple more pictures from the Sensoji Temple in Tokyo.

Here's one of a Buddha on the temple grounds...this is a Buddhist temple.

And, of course the omnipresent Koi (nishikigoi). Koi ponds are found everywhere. There are two here on Sasebo. I photographed these at the temple.

Koi is the Japanese word for carp...they're just fancy.



Yesterday Dennis and went to a area here in Sasebo called Kashimea. Its about 10 minutes west of the base. This area has the highest concentration of islands in all of Japan...about 170...some or all of them very small. There is a cruise that will take you around them but we arrived too late. The boat was just leaving when we got to the pier. I did manage to get a few pictures from a view point called Kunakoshi Outlook. We were after a sunset picture but the clouds were to heavy and blocked the sun just before sunset.

Before getting to the out look I found a small temple. It has something to do with fishing...there is a fishing village or villages here. Inside the temple is a statue of a figure holding a fish...he seems pretty happy.

Here's a shot of the gate and a stone with some writing...any idea what is says?

After this we walked about 2 kilometers up a road to the lookout. When we got there a crew was busy trimming the trees to keep the view unobstructed.

This is a very popular place for some of the local photographers...they come here quite often to get the shot of sunsets year round. There were about 4 or 5 of them when we got there. These guys already had their locations staked out on the deck. While we were waiting for the sun to set a couple of them brought out their albums with all of the sunset pictures they had taken. Many of them were quite impressive.

Here's a shot of the bunch of them standing on the deck waiting.

The man standing to the far right was kind enough to give us a ride back down to the taxi was a long walk up and after the sun set it got pretty damn cold.

Here are a few of the shots I took while I was there.

This is all for now.


Sensoji Temple

As I said before we went into Tokyo Monday. We went to see the Asakusa Temple. It was built in 645 and is Tokyo's oldest temple. I took a few photos.

Here is the outer gate, Kaminarimon, with its giant Chochin lantern.

Once you pass the gate there is a long shopping area where you can buy souvenirs and various things.

At the end of the shopping area is a second gate a five story pagoda and the entry to the main temple.

Here's some photo's taken inside. The second is a shot of one of the paintings on the ceiling.

The next photo is of a demon guarding the temple at one of the gates. These figures have chicken wire in front of them to keep the birds out.

This next photo is of a statue on the temple grounds. I have no idea what it is...creepy!

I'll be posting again soon...till then

Haneda Airport

We took a bus from Atsugi to Haneda Airport for our flight to Nagasaki Airport. While in Haneda I took a few pictures. Here's one of Terminal 2, the domestic terminal.

This is the departure level. The gates are off to the right in this shot. The bright area near the right center is one of the security entrances leading to the gates.

Here's a shot of one of All Nippon Airways' jets...they're not all painted like this. The Japanese love their cartoons.


Thursday, February 21


We went into Tokyo on Monday. We had a late start because we had some trouble getting our equipment shipped here to Sasebo. The woman who has been helping us, Leslie, acted as our tour guide. We took the train in to an area known as Ueno then the subway to Asakusa, another area of Tokyo.
The first picture I took is of the Asahi Brewery Corporate Building.

The sculpture is known as the "Golden Turd". At least that is what the tourist call it.

I took a bunch of pictures of the Asakusa Kannon Temple. Those will be in a separate post.
After walking around and finally eating late we took the subway back to Ueno and walked around there for a while. It was late and I did get a few shots. Here's one of a corner in Tokyo at night.

Here's another night shot. Can't remember which area this is in.

Anyone for a Grand Slam? Denny's in Asakusa.

I'll be posting more later

Sunday, February 17

US NAF Atsugi, Japan

Well here's my first post from Japan this year. I'm at Atsugi NAF. This is where the wing for the USS Kitty Hawk is stationed. Of course the Kitty Hawk is due to be decommissioned later this year. She will be replaced by the USS Washington.

Not much to take pictures of here. But I did manage to get a decent picture of Mt. Fuji. With a little help from Photoshop, a lot of help, it looks pretty nice. I hope you like it.

I'm sure I'll have the chance to take more pictures.
My next stop is Sasebo. We'll be leaving here on Wednesday.

Here's one last picture from Atsugi.

This a view, looking west, of part of the base with Mt. Fuji in the distance...Mt. Fuji is huge and no where near this base. I have no idea what the mountains are in front of Mt. Fuji.