Tuesday, December 11

Here's what I think

I posted this earlier and decided maybe not...well I changed my mind.

First Democrats are not anti war (for a just cause) never have been never will be. People, the ones who's sons and daughters who are in war want to know why. Why are they there. The current administration says we are there...originally because of WMDs. Never found them never will. Going back to who is in this war...the ground troops, the people who actually fight this war, who are these people? I have been on many military bases since this war has started. Are these people rich or come from a moneyed back ground...no. These are every day people. They are from groups, factions, that were and are traditionally Democrats. So you Bush backers who seem to think he is some sort of god...get over it. His people do not fight these wars. His people start this to defend oil fields. He has no idea how this will end...because he doesn't care. He will not be in office. He is a shit. For those of you who hated Clinton...he is a smart guy. Ask GHW Bush...I guess they are friends now. Funny how all this works out. I guess being at the top and in a very small club makes strange bedfellows. (for those of you with small brains forget that last word...you'll never understand.) For all of you who still hate Clinton for the Monica thing...get over being jealous. If you could make someone famous for that, you'd tell the world.

I think why I'm writing this is because I am a Democrat and most of the preconceived ideas of being one do not hold true. Since when does being a Democrat mean you are some extremely pansy liberal type? We are not all that. We are not all poor looking for a free lunch...get over that. We are not all tax and spend...you Republicans proved that...have you looked at the national debt lately? So much for you guys being able to manage money...I assume if it's not yours you don't care. The last time we had a surplus was with a Democrat, Clinton...image that. You, read that as Republicans, got us, USA, in a big fucking gaping hole. Bush and buddies robbing the people blind all in the name of national security. All in a war in the wrong fucking country. All in a war for the wrong fucking reason. All for a war for a fucking revenge. If you don't like "fucking" get over it. Your man fucked up big time. No way around it. No excuses for it. Fucked up is just that. He is...at least in my lifetime...the dumbest guy who has been the President of the USA. And I hope he will maintain that position. He is proof that any boy or girl in the USA can become President...you don't even need to hold a real job until you are 40 years old. You can do cocaine. You can be AWOL. You can be totally irresponsible...as long as you have a rich daddy to make it all ok.

Did something piss me off? What do you think? I live in Texas. These W Bush people piss me off. You tell them in a "nice" way he's an idiot and they get mad at you...or me...ok me. Say something about this war and suddenly I'm un-American...excuse me? I'm not against the people who fight...just the reason we are there. Is it possible to be for the troops and question why? I think yes. Any person...let me rephrase that...any thinking and reasonable person can. These people are getting to be fewer and farther between here. They forget he is not Texan. Believe me Texans love Texans and question people who move here by choice...read that as Yankees. They seem to forget about a real Texan President, Johnson, and what he did for this state. Since when are they all Republicans here?

Enough. I think you all get my point. Bush is an idiot and there is absolutely nothing that can be done to change this. Thank God and term limits that he will not be back.


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