Tuesday, December 4

BCS or what?

Well the bitching and moaning has begun. To everyone out there who is a fan of a team that was number 1 or 2 this year and your team is not in the game...too bad. OU who did you lose to this year? WV who did you lose at home too...Pitt? Mizzou no excuse. Georgia what is your record...lose more than one? And to the remainder, cry in your beer.

Seems every year the BCS is wrong and we need a new and improved system. Fine make it and someone will bitch again. The scary thing is OSU is ranked number 1 again. A team that should have been lucky to make it to the Rose Bowl. As a matter of fact I thought that is where we would be if all went well this year. But I was wrong. Maybe OSU is better than most think...they are. Mostly what I hear is moaning and how "our teams" were wronged. How OSU doesn't deserve what they get. Too bad! Get over it.

Later...Go Bucks!

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