Wednesday, October 24

Kadena AB Okinawa

Well I doubt I'll be posting any new pictures from Okinawa. I've been off the base a few times but haven't gone anywhere new. I don't have enough time to myself to venture anywhere very far from here.
I'll be leaving here for home next week on Tuesday the 30th. I'll be arriving in Houston at 8:30pm. I fly from here to Tokyo then to Chicago and on to Houston...its going to be a very long day. With any luck all will go well. I haven't been to Chicago in a long time. I'm not looking forward to going through immigration and customs there. I hope that all goes quickly and smoothly.

I believe this will be my last trip this year...I can never be too sure. I am looking forward to spending some time at home. I've done enough traveling this year. I've had fun but it is time to quit. Australia was fun and I had a fairly good time on Saipan. This trip has been ok but nothing special. I'm sure I'll be back here someday.


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