Wednesday, July 18

Back in Sydney


Well a lot has been happening since my last post. For one I'm back in Sydney...minus my luggage. Seems Qantas left my bag back in San Fransisco. They said it could be 24 hours before it arrives here. This is a new experience for me. Besides all of my clothes and little things like that, that bag contains a background I need for my shoot here...starts tomorrow, Thursday the 19th.

I'm writing this using a new old one had a small hard drive failure. I lost a lot of shit and some stuff I really would like to have from my last visit here and a few others. Again, live and learn the hard way.

I'll only be here for about three weeks this time. But I'll try and get into Sydney again. So check back here for some more pictures. There has to be something new to photograph here. Also, I'll probably take some new pictures of the stuff I did the last time.

Till then,


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