Sunday, June 10

Prairie Dogs

Hello from Ft.Sill.

I’m working at Ft. Sill this weekend. It is located near Lawton, OK. Lawton is a small town that probably wouldn’t exist without the presence of this military base. Well, it might but it would be even smaller.
Anyway, I’ve been here 3 days now and I’ll be heading home tomorrow morning. I would have left tonight after the shoot but we have rooms here and need to stay, they’re paid for.

So far the most “exciting” thing to happen is the discovery of a prairie dog colony (?) next to the motel. I saw them this morning as we were leaving for the shoot. I guess I wasn’t paying much attention the past few days since they didn’t just move in last night.
I know it doesn’t sound like much but I’ve never seen a colony of them up close. There is a field next to the parking lot here and that is where they’ve made their home. I’ve taken some pictures of them. They’re a skitterish bunch. They wouldn’t pose so I got what I could.

Here's one not too sure if he should hide or not.

Here's a couple of shots of a small part of the colony...exciting stuff...

Well, thats all for now...later

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