Sunday, June 10

Huntsville and Sam Houston

Or, finally finding a purpose.

Well I’ll be passing through Huntsville, Texas on my way home tomorrow. Huntsville, besides being the last destination of the worst criminal offenders in Texas it is also the home of the Sam Houston State University, the Texas Prison Museum, Sam Houston National Forest, and the largest statue of an American hero (67 feet tall), Sam Houston and of course the last home of Sam Houston, governor of two states, Tennessee and Texas and the only President of the Republic of Texas. He was born in Virginia died in Texas and in between defeated Santa Ana to liberate Texas and was forced to resign as governor because he didn’t want to secede from the US and refused to take the oath of allegiance.
With any luck I’ll remember to take a picture of Sam on my way home…it is an impressive statue. Almost as big as the man himself…we are in Texas.

I keep forgetting that I do travel where many people don’t. Not just places like Sydney, London or Tokyo but Lawton, Oklahoma or Victoria, Texas or Bentonville, Arkansas. On my way to these places I pass through a big part of our country. Some are pretty or impressive in their own way…some aren’t. Some are worth seeing again some aren’t. That holds true where ever I go, here or abroad. I made a big deal about seeing a kangaroo yet I never saw a prairie dog colony. They, the latter, are everywhere here (Lawton)…just didn’t notice, never thought about them. Here prairie dogs are a pest just as kangaroos are in Australia. I just need to see things like I once did. What is common place to me is not so to others. Maybe…a big maybe…this blog is finding a purpose. We’ll see. In the mean time just give me a damn beer.


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