Sunday, May 27

Pimp My Blog

Here's the new look for now. I heeded all the warnings this time and nothing serious went wrong. As you can see in the sidebar...thing to the right...I wrote a little something about this there.
This template has some display problems in IE. I really don't know why this displays wrong in Internet Explorer :) .... I really don't like or use IE. It's goofier looking than it was...too much "pretty" shit. Looks like an interface for a little kids game. Enough IE bashing.
I based this whole design on the TicTac template, one of Bloggers standard templates. If there's a fix for this blog template let me know. Otherwise use I do.
I did some minor look changes to the template. Black and green and a Bud crown logo...hope no one sees it....

Let me know what you think.


By the way I'm not the only one having a problem with IE displaying my blog wrong. Check out "Call Me Fishmeal" by Wil Shipley.


I'm reworking a new template that (for the moment) seems to work fine in IE. If all goes well I'll be updating my blog (same design, new template) in a day or so. It might just be bad code. I still don't really like IE but...

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