Wednesday, April 25

Roswell...getting bored

This will be the only time I’ll write about this…maybe.

Roswell, NM.

Watching the National Geographic Channel, NGC, they always have some sort of answer for most everything. The specialty of this channel is nature and fact, real fact.. I have a problem when anyone, including NGC, ventures into the realm of popular myth and or popular belief.

Most of the time there is “fact”; at least as the people involved explain their story. Now there is no way to know what happened…you weren’t there and neither was anyone on NGC. They show this stuff on national TV… Now I have been watching these stories and the government, ours, has come up with an explanation…weather balloons, or whatever they what to call these things. Top secret spy operation stuff involving a balloon…. Fine I’ll buy some of it. But NGC has totally sold out. They are not an investigative TV channel. The people who write these stories…at least some have been bought…to a point.

Here’s the problem, it’s the explanation…it keeps changing.

Now the guy who found the wreckage said it was a strange metal bar that kept it shape…even when it was twisted. The “authorities said “aluminum”. Fine no problem. Now the “aluminum bar” he found had strange symbols on it. Now the new thing is…remember the weather balloon or whatever…that it was a piece of wood, balsa. Aluminum or balsa…. The strange symbols were caused by cheap cellophane tape with Christmas, or another holiday, shapes on it…our government couldn’t afford anything else for a top secret million dollar project. These shapes, as the report goes, were burnt on to the “wood” by the desert sun. The guy who found this stuff might have been less than a genius but I’m sure he knew the difference between metal and wood. I’m sure he had seen Christmas shapes. I’m sure if he saw aluminum…strange metal, he would not mistake it for wood, balsa.

NGC needs to stay out of the myth explanation business…so do some of the other channels. Ratings…Oprah style…Jerry Springer style. They’ve all sold out. They are getting more sensational as time goes on. Jesus, angels, UFO’s, they make no distinctions.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Jesus is a myth…he actually lived. It’s the other stuff. Until we all see it and it can be proved why is NGC discounting all of this stuff and reporting on it.

Bye for now

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