Friday, November 18

Good morning from Japan

Good morning from Japan. I just started my day…with coffee. I’ll be going across the street to a base café where they have free wifi so I can post this. I’ll start shooting at about 11 am today…not a very busy schedule. I’m hoping all the kids will be happy this morning. Some days you get the kids from hell…or wherever the little brats come from.
I’ve looking at my schedule for the day and I’ll have time to do exciting stuff like do my laundry. Living out of a suit case for 2 months can be a real pain. The base lodges I’ve been staying at are, for the most part, nice. I’m going to need maid service when I get home…getting spoiled.
Getting around Japan hasn’t been too difficult. I do a lot of walking, of course. Taxis, trains, busses and planes…I’m wondering if I’ll remember how to drive when I get home. I’m getting accustomed to them driving on the “wrong” side of the road.
This whole odyssey started in Okinawa. The water around the island is beautiful, clear and blue. The beaches are white sand…makes a pretty picture. Okinawa is a coral island surrounded by reefs. I hear this makes for some of the best diving in the world. I may need to learn myself when I go back. I’ll need to schedule some time off there…just a few days. The whole island is small. I’m told you can’t really get lost…and you can’t. When I was there it was hot and humid. It’s sub-tropical. The island has giant fruit bats…watching them fly is strange. It’s also home to Habus…very poisonous snakes. I’ve heard there are three different habus and one non-poisonous snake. Of course, if I saw a snake on Okinawa I’d move away fast, they’re all aggressive. The Okinawans…for whatever reason…have found a use for these snakes. They ferment them in sake, habu sake. It is a jar or bottle of sake with a snake in it. This sounds strange, and it is, but it is pretty good. When you see it you need to try it…right?

This is enough rambling for now. I’ll post this and see what is happening in the world…later.

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