Friday, November 25


Hello again,
I (read that as we) have a problem. In this country some science teachers are being forced to teach ID. If you have no idea what this is learn. It is “Intelligent Design”. They…the teachers of your children…are being forced by government, ours, yours, to teach a theory in science class. The best these people can do is teach what we know to be fact and then broach ID and then explain the difference between theory, ID, and fact, evolution.
What do I know…raised a Catholic and all that goes with it. We all came from Adam and Eve. We know there was an Eve…she lived in Africa about 1 million years ago…so there was an Adam…or two or three. Oh, and those of you who are counting…we are talking way before the biblical couple.
Facts are facts…theory is fiction until proved otherwise. Got a problem with this? Don’t burden your children with it. We don’t need anymore dumb, stupid bastards in this country. Stupid parents are enough…and you know who you are. If, by chance, you are wondering I voted for Clinton and think the current Bush is an idiot. Does that make me better than some people? YES!
Don’t like what I say…go away. Feel you might be better than me…feel what you like. Like the idea of ID…like I said above…just because you’re a stupid bastard don’t condemn your children to be like you. The rest of the world is moving forward, give your kids a chance.


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