Tuesday, July 31

Been gone

Thinking about posting some new stuff. Has been a great way to view where I have been. Just looking has brought back some memories. Things that I forgot. Pretty cool


Saturday, June 27


This is a composite shot (pano) made up of 9 different images stitched together. Could be better but I had to get it while she was looking at me. Has a spooky dreamy feel to it. Could have moved the laundry basket....


Tuesday, March 10

Aubry Willough

Here are a couple of pictures of my new and one and only granddaughter. Cute isn't she?

I'm sure there will be more pictures...later

Saturday, December 27


I was looking at some video clips on YouTube and found this. Pretty disturbing stuff...nice music...end of Earth with a Pink Floyd sound track.

Have a nice day....

Here's the link

Saturday, November 1

Happy Birthday

...to you! I hope you two like the hats...made them myself.

Bye for now.